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When it comes to auto exhaust, Downtown Muffler Service is your preferred choice. With comprehensive services and state-of-the-art equipment, we are here to get you back on the road securely.


Are you troubled by a loud or rattling exhaust system on your car or truck?  If so, it'll be a good idea for you to stop by Downtown Muffler Service. We understand the importance of restoring your car or truck’s exhaust to its proper operating condition, in order to ensure the right sound quality, back pressure, and emissions.

What the Exhaust System does: The role of an exhaust system is not only to decrease engine sound, likewise to reroute deadly fumes away from your car. Carbon monoxide gas is a colorless, scentless chemical that can easily escape from an unsecured exhaust system, and if breathed in can easily pose incredibly significant health dangers. For your safety along with the security of your travelers, it is necessary to inspect and maintain exhaust systems. Properly functioning exhaust systems could additionally help protect the environment from damaging emissions launched into the ambiance.

Why service is necessary: A noisy car may be an indicator that it's time for a brand-new muffler or exhaust system. Identifying indications of rust, wear, and damage could avoid future splits and cracks in an exhaust system before it comes to be a danger. Several states and regions call for emissions testing to register your automobile, so inspecting for conformity before registering your vehicle may save you money and time, before your emissions testing.

  • Loud thumps, growls, or bangs.

  • Signs of rust.

  • A vibration or rattling of your muffler when idling.

  • A reasonable hanging muffler.

If you experience an abnormally loud noise coming from your automobile, it is important to get your exhaust system checked quickly. Call Downtown Muffler Service today at 510-582-6996.

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