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Cornell C. from Vallejo, CA

"Took my GTI for a custom muffler delete and Jessie took care of the car. We were contemplating on putting in twin mini mufflers he had lying around because the sound of deleted mufflers might not be to my liking. He said we should test the sound after he cuts the mufflers because it might sound too quiet for my liking. After the first cut and removal of the suitcase mufflers he let me start and rev the engine to test the sound. With the stock resonators but with stock mufflers off the car sounded loud but not overly loud. We decided to put a y-pipe and new tips instead of the first plan of mini mufflers. After a few hours he had my custom muffler delete done! The only negative I can say about the shop is that Jessie is alone on weekends and the install took longer as he was fielding calls and walk-in requests for diagnosis and quotes. Best come in early in the morning."


Eraina P. from Hayward, CA

"I found them through Yelp, read the reviews, and saw they had 4 1/2 stars and decided to give them a try. I sent my hubby to get an estimated on my muffler pipe to be realigned and welded back in place. I was rear ended at a stop sign and although I was tapped lightly it moved my passenger side muffler pipe and it needed to be re welded. I was expecting to hear the cost to be in the 500 to 800 range I was quoted elsewhere but it was under $100. I'm so happy to have my MDX running quiet again. The service was excellent, fast, staff very friendly, most of all honest and very reasonable. I highly recommend them."


Customer from Castro Valley, CA

"Love these guys they fixed my bent tip on my car that has been bothering me for a while. Thanks again Scott."


Edgar R. from Hayward, CA

"This is the place to go! They hooked me up with Flowmaster super 10 for my 2017 Ram 1500 Hemi and it sounds AWESOME!!! It's hard to find a shop that is trustworthy and knowledgeable, but you'll find it here and at a great price! They even fixed my exhaust tip angle that I didn't even notice was a little off from the the factory. I would definitely recommend this place."


Sean B. from Petaluma, CA

"This is the only place you need to visit if you need a muffler or exhaust. I was not sure what I had to get to pass smog. The helpful people here showed me what was wrong and what i had to do. I needed a catalytic converter for my vehicle. These guys are very fair and do great work. I passed smog and would recommend these guys to anyone."


Dcrown R. from San Lorenzo, CA

"Excellent customer service, quality work. I wouldn't take my exhaust work anywhere else."


Lei M. from Alameda, CA

"Where do I start? I love my Truck even more now! You guys were awesome. Thank you for not making me wait hours, thank you for the great customer service and thank you for making Ram 1500 sound like she can run over anyone haha! I will definitely recommend you guys to my clients, family and friends!!!"


Allan L. from Hayward, CA

"I don't write many reviews but this place deserves it. Excellent customer service and great prices as well. Will definitely return. Don't waste your time calling other muffler shops. This is the place to go."


Gary T. from Fremont, CA

"Bought a used axle-back exhaust online and it might be bend. Called them up to have it adjusted. They couldn't get an estimate over the phone which is understandable as they need to see it. Drove all the way from Fremont and got there around 8:30 AM. 30 minutes later and $45 dollar and they cut, weld and adjusted the way it should be. Straight forward and great quality service. Thumbs UP!"


Raj M. from Fremont, CA

"These guys are are fantastic! The entire staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. They were able diagnose a faulty catalytic converter, and I had them install a 10 series Flow Master muffler on my truck (sounds great!). I've visited a few muffler shops in the area and this place was by far the best in customer service, glad I found them!"


Jesnin P.

"Jesse did a great job doing an exhaust mod in my S2000. Will definitely recommend this shop to my friends!! Thanks Jesse!!"


Paul J. from Campbell, CA

"Jesse and  Jeff are great and very professional, they did my brand new 2017 Honda Accord and it sounds amazing. They have been doing business for over 20 years and must I say I'm glad that I brought my car here. If your looking for a place to go for muffler etc work to be done this is the SPOT. They work fast and get you out quick,  great service and customer service."


Diablo G.

"These guys are the best! If you need any work done on your exhaust system, this is the place! Their welding is like a work of art! Don't bother going anywhere else, this is the spot and Scott is the man!"


Hugh P. from Martinez, CA

"Scott has done exhaust systems on my cars for over 20 years. They just did a perfect Flowmaster install and double walled dual tips on my girl's 2013 Mustang GT California Special. Absolutely nailed it, perfect rumble. Car is certainly a lot more fun to drive. We were meeting with clients in a restaurant in San Leandro and the guys in the shop dropped off the keys to us so they could close. (We were running late to get it dropped off). Above and beyond guys!!"


Osamu K. from San Francisco, CA

"Vehicles Serviced:
1989 Mitsubishi Montero - Full exhaust and Cat replacement from Exhaust manifold.  at ~25 years of age I had smog issues.  Looking under the car we noticed everything was original.  replaced with new cat, Flowmaster muffler, Chrome Tip, and larger diameter piping.  Drives better than new with a nice (not loud) grumble.  Throttle response much improved feeling as it felt like it had asthma before.
1994 Ford E250 RV - Replaced piping (2.5 inch), from cat and new exhaust with nice large chrome tip.  In town driving unchanged.  Highway speeds the engine pulls much nicer with a nice (not loud) grumble.
2010 Honda Civic DX - Replaced stock piping (1.3 inch diameter) with 2.25 inch piping and resonator delete, and a more aggressive sounding muffler (tried to mimic Magnaflow setup) and nice chrome tip.  Wow, a bit louder than initially hoping for but makes my commute lively.  Around town, a bit loud but not so bad, on the highway the engine opens up way nicer in the higher RPMs.  At around 3000 rpm resonator-delete drone hits but I never keep it in that range for too long so not such a big deal. During conservative highway driving I notice RPMs are lower than before, ~2000 at 65 MPH (at this speed road-tire noise is more a factor than exhaust).
I know where to go for my car exhaust needs.  I have no reason to go elsewhere because Downtown Muffler Service does one thing and they do an awesome job."


Erika L. from Hayward, CA

"It's rare when you find such outstanding service. I hadn't even stepped out of the car when Scott approached me asking if I needed help. The flange gasket of my car was broken and you could hear my poor car coming a mile away as a result. Since I bought my car used out of state, finding a shop that would take care of it was a great source of stress for me for the past month. Jack attended me and assured me it would not be as expensive as I imagined. I left my vehicle in very capable hands. I had not left for a hour when he called me telling me my car was fixed and ready. Wow, such fast and precise service! I am thoroughly pleased and satisfied with his service. I would give them 10 stars if I could. They are polite, friendly and best of all, professional. I totally recommend them."


Customer from Castro Valley, CA

"I have been going to this muffler shop for a while now for different cars and all types of exhaust. No matter what I have always been treated like a valued customer from the owner Scott & Jack. I would highly recommend coming in for any type of muffler or exhaust problems or install, thanks again guys."


Joe K. - Castro Valley, CA

"Just had some minor tail pipe work done, and I have to say I was totally pleased. My situation was a bit unique so after putting my rig up on the rack, I discussed it with the guy in charge and we decided on a path forward. He fixed it quickly and efficiently, addressing the several concerns that I had. He then charged me half of what I thought the work was worth and less than his estimate. Woohoo!
This place has a nice friendly old-tyme vibe too--the entire experience would have been identical in 1940, 1950, 1960 etc. Well, they probably didn't have MIG welders in the '40's, or a color TV in the lobby (but the single channel it received seemed authentic), but aside from that, it was a real throwback experience to a time when it was not so traumatic to have work done on your vehicle. I even paid in cash to keep the "back-in-the-day" vibe going and save them 3%. Highly recommended."


Ryan Z. - Dublin, CA

"These guys are great. Friendly, experienced, and honest. I went in there thinking I had to buy a new cat and came out educated on what was really going on."


Jacob C. - Castro Valley, CA

"Top quality work and service no bs honest guy. I witnessed several people come in with simple fixes and he took care of them. Did my truck right knew what I was asking for answered any question I had. Definitely will be a repeat customer if ever needed."


Tom A. - Hayward, CA

"Great people, great service, fair and honest prices! Scott, Jesse, and Jack did a great job on my truck's catalytic and muffler, will keep coming back for all my exhaust related vehicle needs. Rock On, Downtown Muffler Service!!!"


Danielle S. - Castro Valley, CA

"I cannot say enough about Downtown Muffler!  Scott and Jack are awesome!  I could have stayed and talked to them all day. My daughters catalytic converter was stolen from her car while parked at BART.  They saved me over $1000 from what I was quoted from my regular mechanic. They were not just a more inexpensive option, but they were super friendly and knowledgeable.  Thank you, Downtown Muffler, you have a new loyal customer!"


Chris D. - Oakland, CA

"Greetings, We all go thru this life with the possible heavy burden of disappointments and it is how others are able to be of a service to us that separates a joy from a royal pain! Downtown Muffler Service is my "go to place" for exhaust projects, repair, service, & integrity!
No one is perfect nor right every time, but what matters to me is that you will make it right & give a damn to make it right! Very few businesses care and thus very few business have me as a customer for life!  And now you too know where to go for your exhaust systems needs"



Derren O. - San Lorenzo, CA

"Definitely recommend doing business here. The workers were very nice and did a great job. Finished in less than an hour and love the way my car sounds now! Great with the prices also!"


Kelly F. - San Jose, CA

"Experts! Customer service like family. I appreciate all the work and services they provide.  Scott the owner is an amazing guy kind of heart you don't get to experience much now of days. He really cares about you and how he can help you. He  is very well educated about everything there is to know about Exhaust and automotive repair and he keeps a Staff that upholds that standard they're very well priced. Easy on the pocket$, but this kind of work and service is Priceless. Highly Recommended"

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